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Scottish Rite Valley of Raleigh , NC

We are located at 1520 Caswell St, near the intersection of Wade Ave & Glenwood Ave.

Our stated meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM. We have a meal before each meeting at 6:30 PM.  All Scottish Rite Brethren are invited to attend our meals and stated meetings.

Passingof Brother Henrey Lewis 33°

Henry Lewis passed away this morning. His step-daughter Desiree Armstrong is in charge of any arrangements. He is being cremated and will be sent to Arlington Cemetery.

Her number is 919-889-0698

6549 Wake Falls Drive
Wake Forest, NC 27587

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Bro Ripley elected to receive Grand Cross

Please join me in congratulation Col. and Ill. Richard M. Ripley, 33° for being elected to receive the Thirty-Third Degree, "Grand Cross".

Brother Ripley was elected today to receive this high honor at the Biennial Session. The business session begins Monday morning at 9:00 am. Please congratulate Brother Ripley when you see him.

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History of the Scottish Rite Valley of Raleigh

Moving forward towards our Carle A. Woodruff Lodge of Perfection's 100th Anniversary, the Valley of Raleigh history has been documented and published by Brother Ludwik Wodka, 32° KCCH. Please support our Valley's history by adding this EXCELLENT book to your library. The order information is posted below to make your order. Thank you to Brother Wodka for his time and dedication to write and publish this history. I know you will enjoy reading this interesting book.

Here is the link to the page where to purchase the History of Scottish Rite Valley of Raleigh:

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2017 Biennial Session - Honor Recipients

Congratulations to the following brethren who received honors for the Scottish Rite Valley of Raleigh for the 2017 Biennial Session... The details of the Coronation and Investiture will be posted soon. Please congratulate these deserving members of our Bodies and support them by attending their ceremony on November 18 at the Winston-Salem Masonic Temple.

  • Paul F. Menard
  • W. Kenneth Whichard
  • Donald W. Butto Jr.
  • David B. Glass
  • Thomas R. Jackson, Jr.
  • J. Keith Morgan
  • J. David Oates, IV
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Subject: Thoughts about Memorial Day


Most of the time, we go about our day-to-day activities and don’t think a great deal about how fortunate we are. We live in the United States of America – the greatest country the world has ever known. Yes, we have problems (what doesn’t?), but it is still the country in which millions of people from around the world desire to live. It is the land of opportunity, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It is to those brave men and women who have fought for our freedom that we owe so much. It is they who have ensured that we have the ability to rise from destitution and make something of ourselves. It is they who have provided us with the right to speak freely, to assemble peaceably, and to pursue happiness. From our fight for independence more than two hundred years ago to the World Wars of the twentieth century and the current conflict in the Middle East, those who wear the uniforms of our military have fought to protect us and to allow us to live in peace. Many of them did not return home.

This Memorial Day, as we grill some hamburgers and hot dogs, sip a sudsy beverage, and maybe watch our favorite team play ball, let us remember those who gave their all for our freedom. Let us say a prayer thanking them for their sacrifices, and let us remember to thank those who still serve on our behalf today. To the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, Scottish Rite Masons throughout the country extend our eternal gratitude. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

William B. Brunk, 33°
SGIG in North Carolina

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